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Institute of industrial fire & safety engineering

Home Fire & Safety Material Supply


IIFSE INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS sincere service from last 10 years . IIFSE is one of the prominent suppliers of personal protective / Fire equipment’s. Industrial work involves many hazards on daily basis and in order to ensure that production runs smoothly the workers need to be equipped safely with proper safety equipments to keep themselves safe from the hazards at all time.


We have wide range of safety products covering from head to feet, respiratory protection, hand & arm protection, fall protection, eye protection, hearing protection, electrical safety products, body protection, lockout & tag-out Equipments, spill kit, fire protection equipments. We give you a complete guideline to minimize accidents & maximize the protection at your work place.


The company rests its pride in an experienced team that is well versed with every aspect of products of personal protective Equipments with their vast experience we have been successfully catering to the various industries as per their requirements.

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