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Institute of industrial fire & safety engineering


EHS Manpower Solutions play an important role in maintaining and improving EHS practices in the organization. EHS manpower supply becomes an important task for industries to strike at and get satisfactorily solved to maintain its integrity, functioning, legal conformance, reputation among the stakeholders, high morale and industrial relations and also productivity, profitability and market value. Safety engineers guide the work processes to accomplish production targets maintaining complete safety to men, material and machines. India, witnessing large number of accidents in all areas of industries, needs correct and suitable type of EHS manpower solutions.

Employee selection is the process of putting right men on right job. Selecting right HSE professionals like HSE engineers, managers, supervisors and stewards becomes specialist’s task who have the necessary infrastructure, know-how and selection techniques. It is practically almost impossible to find right professionals having all the necessary attributes for the job. Here comes the need to supplement the drawbacks, instill the required professional potentials and put them into right HSE professional slots to suit the exact client’s specifications. Selection and posting of right types of EHS professionals has to be adopted considering Indian Industrial climate.
IIFSE is an integrated Environment, Health and Safety service provider with rich EHS knowledge, prides itself in being the only organization in India, which is exclusively dedicated to recruiting EHS professionals for Safety Jobs across the Globe. We meet safety manpower supply at all the levels of management, from Stewards to Safety Head for all industries. We have in–house bouquet of knowledgeable and experienced Indian safety professionals (50+ Corporate HSE experts from various industries & 1000+ on Site HSE Professional working across India) to be counted on. We have built an impressive track record and earned a reputation for safety services you can rely on.

We have a dedicated research team, equipped with a comprehensive computerized database repository, which effectively meets the challenge of matching a client’s needs with the candidate’s unique capabilities. Our database includes specialists (Safety Engineer/HSE Engineers/EHS Personnel etc.) at all levels in order to establish a mutually beneficial relationship and execute desired functions with the appropriate safety standards.

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